Thema: Renata Gasiorowska

Der Female Filmmakers Award 2016 geht an „Pussy“

Der Female Filmmakers Award 2016 geht an den Film Pussy von Renata Gasiorowska, Polen 2015.


Statistics show that female and male directors are represented rather equally at an early stage of their career – with regard to film schools and short film festivals. However, having a look at later stages in the their professional careers in the film industry, this situation changes. There are still more male directors than female directors. This prize Female Filmmakers Award emerges from this inequality and wants to make people aware of this situation. There are still many steps to be taken. There is still a long way to equality.

In this situation, Renata – with very intelligent, simple and unique drawings – proposes us a way to rebel:

First: look at yourself deeply into the mirror. Look into your eyes, look at your body.
What do you see ?
Is it weak ?
Is it unnatural ?
I don’t think so…

Then: Relax, take a bath, and try it !
How does it feel ?
How does it smell ?

For us, Pussy is an inspiration to discover who we really are, no matter if you are a male or female or both or whatever!
And you’ll see, if you understand yourself, there is confidence in it. There is the strength and the power enough to peacefully overcome every struggle.

If you want a better future you will have to start with yourself.

Let’s breath
Let’s listen to each other
And let’s celebrate our bodies!

Congratulation for that film Renata.